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J. Irish

Introduce Yourself

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We want to know who you are! What you like to do, play, ect. Just go all out and introduce yourself, feel free to leave comments on each other's post to share the same things you're interested in. We're here to get along and have fun so might as well get to know each other because some of you could be Brothers & Sisters in the line of duty. So learn! And get to know one another so you can better support each other!

Also please note, posts should be:

  • Should not be Off Topic
  • Should not be Hateful in Anyway (This includes hate speech, racism, calling names, hateful on someone's interests, ect.)
  • Have some fun and be creative about yourself (We wanna get to know you in the best possible way!)
  • If you need help feel free to ask staff but don't spam. (We could be very busy).

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